Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Finally Completed!

We are all moved in as of 4th May 2012!

What a fantastic feeling to be in our home.

Below are some pictures to date, we plan to take more of the rest of the rooms which i will post in the next couple of days.

Our kitchen during the unpacking stage

My oven!  It is absolutely the best to cook in
Our pendant lights above our island bench

Rod's grand mother's umbrella stand
Linen cupboard

Playroom, 3rd and 4th bedroom and vaccum cupboard

 Our bedroom and my closet :)

T.v room - its' so cozy and warm in the afternoon

Dining room table with our refurbished dinning chairs, new clock and pendant light

We're finally able to display some of our special items and of course Rod's collection of shot glasses!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week 21 through Week 22

Tiles have been completed- just need a little grout in a few areas and a tile on the wall of the bath cavity.

Most wires have been pulled out of the wall and waiting there outlet covers, laundry ceiling light and power outlet still to be done.

We received our final invoice on Friday, although we havent received a call from our Building Manager or site supervisor advising us of our Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) date or our handover date.

So much to do between now and then... finalise removalists, child care, change name on the utilities, and the list goes on.  But all so worth it :)  We cant wait.

Below are some pictures to date.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



Dinning area

Monday, 2 April 2012

Week 18 through Week 20

We were told yesterday that our tiles weren’t delivered until today (Monday) and could we meet the tiler on site in the morning to verify the tiles that were delivered are the ones we selected.  I agreed we would meet the tiler on site at 7:45 a.m.  I then asked was any fitting off done last week while we waited for the tiles and SS said no as the painter took longer than expected- 2 weeks. I smell a rat!

The SS then said there is a sewer delay again and referred me to South East Water (SEW) and ask them for further info. I called our land sales contact and she said no there isn’t a delay and there are 2 families already living on your street and should I want additional information to contact the building developer as he can offer more information.  After a few more emails to the PD and them forwarding an email from SEW (without dates on it bit suss) stating there was a sewer delay until end of April I then spoke with the building developer and he then advised that a PIC# something SEW gives when the sewer is ready to be connected and said that it was completed on 9th March! I then told our SS and he said Wow really well I will call SEW and see what the heck is going on.  I thought to myself I can tell you have been caught out not telling the truth trying to give an excuse for nothing being done which has created a delay. I also told them we have 2 neighbours living on our street and one of the homes is 4 doors up and is also built by PD. Hmmmm

PD said their permits department will contact SEW and see what is going on and will update us with any news.

In addition our new front window hasn’t even been installed and still sitting in the garage supposedly waiting for the chippy.

Our SS said that the house should be ready in 3 to 3.5 weeks, so fingers crossed as after tiles there is only electrical, plumbing fitting off and carpet and door knobs.

We met with our tiler and he said they would be done by the end of this week!  And from this point probably move in 4 weeks’ time!  We really hope so.

Below are pics of the house to date:
Master ensuite about to be tiled

Bathroom tiles

Kitchen from the lounge room- love the glass splash back

Splash back from side view

Rod's walk in robe with window framed

Master bedroom window framed

Random shot of a spare room- just wanted to show the paint colour - "Kid Leather"

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Week 15 through 17

We are now at the FIXING STAGE!!!

Met with the SS on Thursday 8th March and the bricks were being acid washed and look amazing! We thought they looked great dirty so we were was pleasantly surprised. The guy seemed like a bit a pain in ... as he had to stop while we walked throught the garage and gave me a dirty look!

But got over that when I asked our SS when does he think PCI would be and he said the end of the month! I then asked when is handover after that 2 weeks he said 1 week! We both were very happy to hear. He did say the vandalism did set us back as they couldn't paint because they had to fix the plaster which will be completed by Tuesday 13th March and then start painting:)

He also said one of us will need to come back in 2 weeks to verify the right tiles are delivered and show the tiler any special accents we want done. Finally things are moving and we will be in there next month!

SS said they will be addressing the water that is pooling in the patio/alfresco area by adding a drain and  dirt to have the water drain away from the slab....cant wait not to see muddy pool!

He also advised that our garage door has been ordered and should be delivered to the warehouse shortly and installed once the paiting is complete!  We can't wait to see that.

We bought our fridge and overhead lighting for our kitchen table over the weekend, we can't wait to see everything come together.  Now is the fun time geting quotes for movers, fencers and concreters! 


Final fit-offs occur which involves completing the electrical, plumbing and heating systems. All door furniture, mirrors, shower screens and floor coverings will be installed.

Paint touch-ups, cleaning, caulking of wet areas and articulation joints, and site cleaning have been completed. Final inspections for the certificate of occupancy and compliance will be completed.

Can't wait to see the house this weekend to see if the paiting has been completed :).

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Week 13 and 14

We didn't think much would have happened since our windows were broken, but after going on Friday we were pleasantly surprised :)
Our secret unlocked window is now locked..... so we werent able to get inside:( lol
We could see through the windows and the architraves had been finished, all internals doors, closet doors and our kitchen caesar stone have been installed!  We are still waiting on a new front window and ensuite window and front door frame.  At least there has been progress!  We were advised by South East water that our sewer won’t be operational until end of April early May, so our house maybe sitting there for 3 or so weeks finished!  Not too happy about that!

Rumpus room looking at the kitchen (thru doorway) - note completed architraves on floor and around the doors :)!

Bedroom 4 closet doors

Bedroom 3 looking down the hallway

Looking into Rod's wardrobe from outside

New door frame waitng to be installed

Kitchen now with ceasar stone counter tops

Monday, 13 February 2012

Week 12

We went by the house on Saturday and to our surprise the front of the house had been rendered and the bathroom and kitchen cabinets had been installed.

We  were so excited to see it really look like a home and that our colour selections so far are what we want.
Not sure what is planned for this week, but I would think it would be install architraves, rectification to some plaster board - either not smooth or a hole in the hallway.
Below are the latest pictures...

Front of the house
View from driveway
Ensuite cabinets
Laundry cabinet
Main bathroom
Looking into the kitchen from movie room
Undermount sink :)
Pot draws = Awesome!!!!